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The Penny Candles





Not on the roster, rather a nostalgia trip for me! This was the first band I ever formed back in 1988. We spent a couple of happy years schlepping up and down the country in our wonderful Transit van (Madge, I think she was called!), pedalling our indie pop to a (usually) willing crowd. Personally, I loved it.

The photograph above shows Alison Hughes (lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Hugh Whitaker (drums, backing vocals), Pete Jack (lead guitar) and Nick Langley (lead vocals, backing vocals & bass guitar). Our original guitarist, Steve Parry (a.k.a Steve Perry for reasons I never quite understood), left to pursue other musical avenues but returned to the fold a few months later. He was replaced by the impressively young Mark Edward Whatmough, known to his friends as Eddie, and it’s him playing lead guitar on the single, although I play the Outro on “Taj Mahal” as we needed to fix something and he was at college that day. I also played all the guitars on “Making the Most (Of It All)” mainly because Alison refused to come back to the studio that Sunday after lunch!

Eddie’s guitar solo on “Swings and Roundabouts” is one of my all-time favourite guitar solos: simple, understated and absolutely perfect for the song. A classic in my opinion!

We released 3 demo cassettes: “Sunny Enough For Cats!”, “Sunny Enough For Cats Too!” and “Wossname” and, in 1989, ”Taj Mahal”, a 4-track 12″ EP. Below are the tracks from that release. They’re recordings taken from the actual record so slight scratches can be heard. As I don’t own a record player I ended up having to buy these from some thief on t’interweb. Not that I’m bitter!

“Taj Mahal” (Hughes/Langley)

© Scratch 23 Recordings 2012

 ”Swings and Roundabouts” (Hughes/Langley)

© Scratch 23 Recordings 2012

“Making The Most (Of It All) (Hughes/Langley)

© Scratch 23 Recordings 2012

 ”Memory Box” (Hughes/Langley)

© Scratch 23 Recordings 2012
Taj Mahal Front Cover

“Taj Mahal” 12″ EP Front Cover

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