This is the business end of the website where the music can be found. Some tracks are free to download where others are 30 second samples or full tracks for streaming.

We will aim to provide as many freebies as is feasible, but artists (and label owners too!) have a living to earn and deserve to be paid for their art. We will be using a global distribution company (ReBeat) to get our records out there into the virtual world (iTunes, Amazon, Nokia, 7 Digital etc.) and certain ones from the catalogue will receive physical imprints too. Exactly which ones will depend on a number of factors including, perhaps not surprisingly, demand and finances!

Bear in mind that we are a small, new label and that as many of our artists are young and inexperienced, we may not follow the traditional pattern of 3 singles per album, 1 album per year/18 months/2 years etc. Established musician’s with 10 years writing experience and a regular touring schedule will be tied to a “quota” of music that they will be contractually obliged to deliver within a certain time frame. It would be unrealistic to expect a 15 year old who’s only ever written 3 songs to churn out an album every year. To that end, some artists’ output may seem erratic. Please accept this graciously¬†as being an inevitable consequence of the sort of label that we are.

Tuck in and enjoy …