My name’s Nick Langley and I’ve been running Rhema Studio, a small project recording facility in our home town of Kingston upon Hull, since the autumn of 2007. It’s part of a  larger project, Rhema Youth Works, a Christian based charity that reaches out to teenagers in the city.

Over the years I’ve seen countless, very talented young people walk through the door. When I was their age, the holy grail for a musician was the fabled record contract. It was the only way of being able to earn a sustainable living from music, but few were lucky enough to land one and fewer still went on to have any meaningful success. Over the last decade everything has changed. Major labels are no longer as “major” as they once were, or would like to be, and digital downloads mean that ANY artist can now reach a global audience for a few quid. To me that’s incredibly exciting!

Of course, millions of people are releasing new music literally every day, so competition is considerably fiercer than it was, but it still makes for exciting times. Recording equipment, once the preserve of the aforementioned record labels and large, professional recording facilities, is now as cheap as chips (well, not quite), but great recordings can be made with a laptop, a good mic, a simple audio interface and some basic recording software (see the “Useful Stuff” page for additional information). Our studio contains a wide variety mics, preamps, outboard and modelling equipment and a number of recordings made there have already been independently, commercially released by the young musicians who’ve recorded with us.

So, to the future. We already have a couple of young artists in our sights. The first to be signed will be Ryan Mathie who you can find more about in the “Artists” section of the website.

Keep popping back to see us as we bring you more news and more importantly, more music!